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  • Being an exchange student from the States and not having much information or access parts of southeast Asia, the Travel Project did a great job to accommodate my needs and wants and help me plan the trip of a lifetime. When planning a trip, look no further than the Travel Project, they have more access to resources and information you could ever imagine thank you so much for all of the great experiences.

    Carl William, American
  • I had the most amazing holiday in Bali and Lombok and I’ll always be thankful to “the travel project”. I’ll never forget it! I can’t wait to do it again!

    Frederica Busi, Italy
  • Larissa might just be the most helpful person on the internet!
    After an extremely vague travel brief from myself, she quickly created a comprehensive travel itinerary which is super easy to plan around and share/sync with friends we were meeting along the way. Legit made my first round the world adventure seamless and hassle free -thanks a million.

    Carl Billy, Australia