What do i do if i need help with my booking?

If you need a help with your booking, or have any questions about our products, a live chat is available on our website 7 days a week, 9am – 7pm aest. alternatively, you can send us an email and we will respond within 12 hours.

Do i need travel insurance?

We endorse the recommendation of the department of foreign affairs and trade that all travellers take out travel insurance. we can provide information to you about travel insurance should you require it. it is your personal responsibility to purchase your own travel insurance to cover any liability which may be incurred to us or a service provider and other travel misadventures that you wish to be insured against. we recommend that you source travel insurance with a low excess payment, to make claiming on cancelled tours worthwhile.

What if i don’t use a product or accommodation i have purchased?

Bookings that are ‘unused’ will fall under the same terms and conditions as a customer cancellation, at times a 100% cancellation fee.
accommodation and transport are non-refundable, non-transferable items.

What is an extra cost?

An extra cost is something you will pay directly to the service provider upon arrival. this is generally for national park fees, or insurance levy’s. these are noted on our consumer site and also on your purchased voucher to remind you.

What is the targeted age group of our adventures?

All people who travel with us are young at heart, and whether they are experienced or not, explorers or peaceful retreats seekers, party-goers or surfers, beach lovers or snow fanatics, they all have answered the travel project call to have an adventure. they know that accommodation will change depend on the experience, and can’t wait to discover what will happen next. tour itineraries listed do give suggestion as to the style and type of travel adventure, if you do however have any concerns please ask our awesome team for their advice.

Should i confirm my reservation before i start my trip?

The travel project strongly recommends you follow your travel voucher instructions and re-confirm your booking 48 hours before you are due to depart. our service provides may require additional information from you, like dietary requirements, where you’re staying prior to departure etc. to reconfirm please use the phone number on your voucher, or get in touch with us online to assist you in doing so.

How much luggage can i take on my trip?

We recommend checking the maximum allowance with your airline, as well your tour provider when reconfirming your trip prior to departure.

Can i postpone my trip?

In some cases, we may be able to cancel your booking with our service providers and postpone your trip for a future date. however, if you need to cancel, service providers may state in their conditions that they will charge cancellation fees. this can be dependent on the how far in advance the request is made to your scheduled departure. the travel project strongly recommends cancellation travel insurance for your booking to cover you for unforeseen circumstances.

If i purchase a travel voucher and my plans change can i get a refund or transfer my product purchased?

All purchases are final and you will need to agree to our terms and conditions before confirming your order. our travel vouchers are non-refundable, however at times may be transferable if you are outside of the cancellation period with the supplier and/or the travel project. if you request a refund, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

If i purchase a package can i travel in reverse direction?

Yes. our packages are made up on individual travel vouchers, which can be used in any order on the basis you have booked them open dated. you may want to travel our itinerary in reverse or you may want to complete your package over a number of short trips. travel with booked dates may be changed to open dated being the supplier is in agreement with the change. this would need to be done directly with the tour/ accommodation operators. flight and transport purchases are final and cannot be changed or reversed.

How long are the travel vouchers i purchase valid for?

All travel vouchers purchased are valid 12 months from the date of purchase. expired vouchers are non refundable.

I’m not sure when i want to travel. can i purchase open dated tickets?

Yes. you can purchase a package or multiple travel vouchers and keep them open dated. open dated tickets usually require a booking to be made 10 – 14 days outside your intended travel date, with some international departures requiring up to 4+ weeks notice for bookings. booking open dated tickets is based very much on the remaining availability on tours/ accommodation. details on how to make a booking will appear on the voucher that you purchase.