From soaring Himalayan peaks to sandy coastlines, and a history dating back over 5 millennia, experiencing the latest India travel trends is a must-do for any explorer. See the Taj Mahal at sunset when its marble facade is bathed in pink light, hike the Himalayas to discover remote ethnic minorities and dive headfirst into the culture where the colours of the Indian subcontinent are on full display.


The Travel Project offers comprehensive India travel from an introductory Golden Triangle tour to a boutique overland experience. See the deserts of Rajasthan on camelback, the beaches of Goa and the monasteries of Amristar. Our high quality, small group tours hit all the highlights as well as showcasing some hidden gems. We can also include a range of safari options including the famed Ranthambore National Park – home to the elusive tiger. For those who are after a more luxe experience, a boutique palace stay or chic retreat is never too far away. If the budget allows, experience the wonder of Udaipur’s converted Lake Palace where the former royal residence oozes luxury India also boasts a selection of boutique retreats + resorts. Experience a stylish beach retreat complete with yoga + meditation to ease both your body + mind.

The Travel Project offers the hottest range of India travel options including packages, tours and fully customisable adventures through this stunning region – here are just some of the mind-blowing activities we can customise for you. Our travel team are here to make your dream holiday into a reality and trust us, if you can dream it, we can book it. Check out some the hottest deals below or drop us a line and chat with an expert about customising your next adventure.


  • Wake up at the crack of dawn to spy the Taj Mahal as she’s bathed in morning light
  • Trek through the Thar Desert on a camel from the holy town of Pushkar
  • Watch the birds of prey circle the fortresses of central Rajasthan
  • Experience beach retreats in iconic Goa and tropical Kochi
  • Head deep into the mountains to find the source of the Mother Ganges


One of our crew members will call to answer any questions you may have.

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