The Travel Project is taking you far and wide across this incredible country – from its culture drenched backstreets to its exclusive beach-side resorts. Experience the hottest insider destinations and discover what the fuss is really all about with our range of incredible Mexico holidays.

For the luxury seekers, we’ve got the inside scoop on some of the country’s most exclusive resorts for the ultimate getaway. Swap the havoc of Cancun for the less discovered Tulum where you’ll laze away your days in luxury beach-side resorts that cater to your every need from a fresh Margarita to yoga. For the trendsetters + beach babes, we can set you up in luxe destinations like Los Cabos. Spend your days exploring the turquoise waters and coastal formations or take a dip in the famous Cenotes, natural sinkholes.

Or, for a dose of culture, head to our favourite hidden gem – the Mexican Perfumery. This secluded 16th-century retreat is nestled right above the historic perfumery, while its rustic decor and tiled hallways make for the perfect luxe getaway. For the culture lovers, we’ll take you to all the ‘must-dos’ including historic ruins like the iconic Chichen Itza, colourful backstreets and local eateries. The Travel Project also boasts holidays to some of Mexico’s top cultural + urban festivals. Experience the Day of the Dead festivities, the Carnival in Veracruz and the Fiesta de Octubre in Guadalajara, famous for its Tequila and mariachis.


The Travel Project offers the hottest range of Mexico holidays including luxe packages, boutique tours and custom adventures through this stunning region – here are just some of the activities we can customise for you. Our travel team are here to make your dream holiday into a reality and trust us, if you can dream it, we can book it. Browse some the hottest deals below or drop us a line and chat with an expert about customising your next adventure.


  • Renew both your body + soul in the secluded haven of the Mexican Perfumery
  • Get down + dirty with local culture in colourful backstreets and authentic urban experiences
  • Soak in turquoise waters + white sands at exclusive beach-side resorts including yoga, surf + meditation camps
  • Split your time between Playa Del Carman, Tulum + Los Carbos to experience why Mexico’s Margaritas taste better in the flesh


One of our crew members will call to answer any questions you may have.

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