Soneva Kiri – Where Happiness is Inevitable

The air is subtly fragrant with the scent of coconut oil and frangipani, and all you can hear is the hypnotic chorus of birdsong and the wind gently rustling the leaves in the canopy.

The sunshine is satisfying on your salt-kissed skin and there’s an ice-cold cocktail in your hand; ripe with freshly-picked fruit. It’s sweating slightly in the warmth, threatening to drip onto the pages of the book lying lazily discarded in the white sand beneath your feet.  

There’s no one else in sight. It’s just you; the sole inhabitant of a grove of towering coconut palms… or so it feels at Soneva Kiri, a secluded, eco-luxury resort in Koh Kood, Thailand.

While it’s easy to be more carefree than usual in any holiday destination, this slice-of-paradise island is a strong contender for the most content place on earth.

If the resort’s 104 acres of ancient, untouched jungle and glittering beaches aren’t enough to entice your endorphins, the seamless fusion between your spacious, stylishly-appointed villa and its natural surroundings will surely tempt a smile.

Inspired by the undiluted beauty of Koh Kood, the resort is made from environmentally-friendly materials, featuring natural décor, and the result is intoxicating. As you’re sitting in your outdoor bath encircled by lush jungle, it’s hard to imagine a time you weren’t blissfully peaceful.  

Every detail of your stay at Soneva Kiri is designed to make you comfortable and is tailored to your exact wants and needs. From the scent of your pillowcases to the detailed itineraries your dedicated hosts help you prepare, the experience is wholly yours.

There’s gourmet dining options, a wine cellar and an award-winning spa to tantalise your senses, as well as endless opportunities to reconnect with nature, including waterfall treks, snorkelling and watching the sunset over the ocean from the resort’s clifftop bar.

There’s no better indication of contentment than happy staff and all the team members here are divine. Every interaction with them will leave your heart full, both because of the exceptional service they provide and their endless praise for the resort.

Not only does Soneva Kiri boast an incredibly high retention rate among local staff, the team members are often spotted alongside guests snapping photos of the resort’s amazing view and gastronomical delights, which demonstrates their pride in the resort and the heart-warming fact that the novelty of its beauty never wears off!

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