Tips to Travel Waste-Free

The team at World Resorts of Distinction interviewed Dayana Brooke, aka The Sustainable Traveller, about travelling waste-free and here are her top tips.

“Single use is out and BYO is in.”

  1. Before you even set out on your next trip away, start creating new daily habits of reusing and repurposing and practice saying out loud, ‘no thank you’ to any plastic or items that are used once before being thrown out.
  2. Just because it was handed to you or it’s free, doesn’t mean you should take it. If it has a life span of being used once, then you need to avoid it.
  3. Learn to pre-empt any situation where plastic may be used or offered and always be BYO ready. This is the easiest way to travel waste free by carryingyour own reusable cutlery, straw, carry bag, cup, water bottle, container and even little napkin, to always have the items you need that can carry food and water for flights, meals on the go and takeaways.
  4. If buying fruit or vegetables, look for local farmer’s market where you can buy loose items you can carry, ask for a sandwich that go in your container, or order a drink by the bar in either a glass bottle or can, and always say ‘no straw thank you’.
  5. Find a great shampoo soap bar to travel with and avoid using any ‘travel sized’ items or bottles.
  6. Remember… BYO is the new way to travel and be sustainable.

Travellers have recently undergone a shift in consciousness and are much more aware of the effect of their explorations. They’re seeking travel experiences that allow them to see the world without negatively impacting communities and ecosystems. Want to learn more about sustainable properties around the world? Our dedicated team of travel advisors are here to help you create an unforgettable experience – perfectly tailored to you. Contact us to book your next dream holiday or gain some inspiration from our Instagram @thetravelprojectco.

Images and article via our lovely friends at World Resorts of Distinctions.

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