From Buddhist monasteries and tropical jungles to lantern cities – Vietnam holidays are a charismatic mismatch of everything to love about South East Asia. Sample mouthwatering street food in the capital, explore Saigon by bike, cruise the Mekong Delta and explore ancient temples in Hue.

The Travel Project can customise you the hottest city stays including the upcoming hipster hideout of Hanoi. Neighbourhoods like Hoan Kiem boast delicious street food, rooftop bars and boutique coffee roasters. For your local hotspot, drop into The Hanoi Social Club. The chic interior, vegan menu + Frankie magazines mean you’ll be exploring the local pagodas with a fresh cappuccino in no time.

Once you’ve had your fill of urban goodness, head out on a boutique guided tour that visits Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh, as well as natural wonders like Muong Hao Valley, the Mekong Delta and the Ban Gioc Waterfalls. Or, for the adventure seekers, join a unique motorcycle tour to explore Vietnam from a whole new perspective. For the beach babes, Vietnam also boasts some of Asia’s best wellness retreats + spa resorts, nestled in the rainforest and gracing tropical islands.


The Travel Project offers the hottest Vietnam holidays including a range of packages, luxury resorts, guided tours, wellness retreats and custom adventures – here are just some of the activities we can customise for you. Our travel gurus are here to make your dream holiday into a reality and trust us, if you can dream it, we can book it. Check out some the hottest deals below or drop us a line and chat with an expert about customising your next adventure.


  • Cruise Halong Bay on board one of our luxe sailing options ranging from deluxe to premium
  • Join an urban adventure in Hanoi for a street food tour or explore the city by bike
  • Cruise down the Mekong Delta to see the agricultural heartland of Vietnam + get in touch with village life
  • Soak in the iconic Saigon sunset with a cocktails + street food urban adventure
  • Discover the winding backstreet of the lantern city – Hoi An
  • Explore the imperial palaces + enjoy a cooking lesson in the wanderlusty city of Hue
  • Join a motorcycle tour to explore the beaches, caves + jungles of Vietnam from a whole new perspective


One of our crew members will call to answer any questions you may have.

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