Treat your body and mind to a wellness retreat. From spiritual to practical – these retreats leave you physically and mentally healthy. This is your official invitation to take a break and relax. With guided meditation, yoga and wellness activities all while surrounded by the world’s most scenic landscapes and professional teachers, there’s no excuse not to feel the best you ever have. Travel from the lavender fields of Provence, the coast of Croatia and the deserts of Morocco and return mentally healthy and relaxed.

We also offer a range of boutique fitness retreats so that you can reach your goals while still being in an incredible environment. For some, a trip away doesn’t mean a break from the gym and coming back home with that holiday glow to make your friends jealous is just all part of the deal. Health retreats and fitness holidays will help you shape and tone while challenging yourself.  From the shores of Cancun to ringside in Thailand, knock em’ out!

The Travel Project hunts out the world’s most incredible and unique locations and centres to bring you the perfect wellness retreat – here is just some of the destinations and activities we offer. Check out the hottest deals below or drop us a line and chat with an expert about customising your next adventure.

  • Contribute to your summer body on the shores of Tulum, Mexico – with a fitness and yoga bootcamp!
  • Indulge in classic destinations like Thailand for spa resort packages that are guaranteed to make you feel like your best self
  • Escape to a Central American tropical resort for meditation and beach yoga
  • Get modern in Iceland where the minimalistic culture and advanced techniques will refresh both your mind and your body
  • Chill out in Portugal, where the surf is good and the Yoga can be even better!


One of our crew members will call to answer any questions you may have.

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